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Congratulations to our MakerSpace team and "Teacher, Let Me Teach" representative! The Education Foundation has awarded our MakerSpace team $12,000, and our “Teacher, Let Me Teach!” representative $5000.

We want to thank the MakerSpace team for all their hard work, research, and creative out of the box thinking. We are transforming our 1st multi-purpose room into a real MakerSpace. The MakerSpace will allow students to think critically to create, produce products that represent their understanding, and solve problems in an innovative way. MakerSpace is an avenue to teach cross curricular TEKS in a creative discovery minded setting. Chandler PTA has also given $500 to complete the amount needed to transform our room into a real MAKERSPACE! Thank you Chandler PTA for your support. Thank you Allyson Carter, Karie Bradley, Whitney Stewart, Kelsey Williams, Melissa Martinez, Beckey McCormick, Judy Wiggins, Heidi Warren, Laura Naranjo and Amy Abbott for your innovative thinking and hard work to make this a reality for our students.

Thank you Melissa Martinez for being brave enough to present on your own with the purpose of adding to the MakerSpace and giving your students the opportunity to teach with the best tools! Students at Chandler will have access to a large touch screen for teaching their peers and presenting their projects.

A special thank you goes out to the Education Foundation, Mark Lane, and our PTA for their belief in our students and willingness to reward innovative thinking here at Chandler! We are excited!
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