Chandler Elementary School

Gregg County Texas A & M Agrilife Egg Program

Mr. King delivered two incubators to be placed in the library shortly before Easter.  As students made their visits to the library, Mrs. Wiggins our librarian would discuss the life cycle of a chicken and read related stories with the students.  Mrs. Wiggins even set up a challenge for the students in a drawing based on information they learned about how many eggs a chicken can lay over a two year period.  Teachers were encouraged to have discussions about how eggs hatch into chicks and the kinds of special things that was needed to care for eggs/chicks.  Students learned it takes 21 days for a chick to grow inside an egg and waiting in anticipation for them to hatch.  They learned the importance of keeping the eggs warm in an incubator when there would be no hen to sit on them.  After being hatched, the chicks were moved to a separate brooder, or "chicken house" with plenty of food, water, and warmth.  Students also learned many interesting facts such as the parts of an egg and what was the chick‚Äôs food source before hatching.